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Revision Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills, CA

Nose reshaping plastic surgery is one of the more complex cosmetic procedures. Since the nose is vital for both form and function, all aspects of rhinoplasty need to be performed correctly for optimum results. If you had a nose job and you are not pleased with the outcome, come see us at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery. Dr. Obaid Chaudhry offers excellent results from rhinoplasty revision surgery at our facility in Los Angeles, CA.

Many rhinoplasty surgery procedures change the shape of the cartilage in the nose. There is very little bone supporting the nose structure – most of the nasal walls and tip are made from cartilage. If too much cartilage is removed, the nose can appear misshapen. The bridge may sink, causing a saddle nose deformity, or the nasal valves can collapse for a pinched-nose appearance. These and other complications after rhinoplasty can impact both the appearance and function of the nose, which may require rhinoplasty revision surgery.

Nose Job Correction Surgeon

Dr. Chaudhry is an experienced and respected plastic surgeon who is committed to obtaining the best result possible for his patients. When a patient comes to us seeking a rhinoplasty revision surgery, it is crucial to Dr. Chaudhry that they leave feeling satisfied with their results. Dr. OC has a reputation for his patient-centric approach to every procedure he completes. He will listen carefully to your concerns and create a treatment plan that will achieve the aesthetic and functional goals you have for your nose job correction surgery.

Revision rhinoplasty surgery tends to be more complex than the original nose job. Not only is achieving the aesthetic goal important but often corrections must also be made to fix the nose structure. Cartilage grafting is commonly needed in nose job correction procedures, removing cartilage from the ribs or another area to graft into the nose. Dr. Chaudhry has extensive experience reshaping and reconstructing the nose to achieve the best results.

If you have had complications from a previous nose job or you are unsatisfied with the aesthetic results, contact us at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills to schedule a revision rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Chaudhry to discuss your options.

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