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The chin plays a vital role in the facial shape and balance. When the chin is small or receded, the upper facial features may appear oversized. Chin size is genetic, and not something you can control. However, cosmetic surgery can reshape your chin for a more defined lower face and jawline. Dr. Chaudhry at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery performs chin implants surgery to achieve better facial balance at our facility in Los Angeles, CA.

Chin augmentation can make a significant difference in facial appearance. A small chin or receded jaw impacts the facial profile – there may be little definition between the chin and neck. By adding projection and width to the chin and jawline, the neck is more defined and the face is in better balance. Adding volume to the chin can make the nose look smaller for improved facial harmony. If you have a weak chin, augmentation surgery may be the best option to achieve a more symmetrical facial appearance.

Cosmetic Chin Augmentation

To reshape the chin, implants are used to add volume and definition. Dr. Chaudhry can examine your chin and recommend the right chin implants to create a balanced facial appearance. Chin augmentation surgery is performed through small incisions either inside the mouth or under the chin, hiding the incision scars. The chin implants are placed over the chin bone to create the desired shape and projection.

Patients with a receded or small chin can have fantastic results from chin implants surgery. Augmenting the chin changes the entire facial appearance. For men, it can create the desired masculine chin and jawline for an angular face. For women, it can improve the heart-shaped, feminine appearance. All patients can enjoy better harmony between their facial features with a more pronounced and well-shaped chin.

If you want to explore chin augmentation to achieve a balanced, beautiful face, come see us at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery. Contact our office in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule your appointment with Dr. Chaudhry. Our team will book your chin implant consultation at our center to discuss the best procedure to achieve your aesthetic goals.

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