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Atrophic Scars Beverly Hills, CA

Atrophic scars are indents in the skin where a wound occurred. Instead of a flat or raised scar, there are pock marks or dips in the skin. Acne is a common cause of atrophic scars, but other skin infections and wounds can also create indents in the skin. If you have uneven skin due to atrophic scarring, there are treatments to restore a smooth texture to your skin. Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery offers atrophic scar removal at our Beverly Hills clinic.

When the skin heals from a wound like a burn, incision or infection, scar tissue is formed. With atrophic scars, not enough collagen or scar tissue is formed, leaving an indent in the skin. Chicken pox and acne are both common skin infections that leave pockmarks or pitted scars. Large wounds like burns or skin cancer removal with Mohs surgery can leave larger atrophic scars that disfigure the skin. For atrophic scar removal, the treatment or surgery depends on the size and type of scar.

Removing Indented Scars

The treatment for atrophic scars can vary from laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels to surgical revision surgery. Most acne and pockmark scars are removable with non-invasive treatment. Laser treatments can remove the damaged top layer of the skin to smooth and resurface the skin, as can deep chemical peel treatments. There is minimal recovery with laser or chemical peel treatments – the skin may be red and peeling for several days, but no extensive downtime is needed. Most patients will see their results in about one to two weeks after their treatment.

For larger atrophic scars such as burns or Mohs surgery wounds, surgical revision may be required. Dr. Chaudhry has extensive experience with scar revision and restoring the skin and tissue to look natural. Skin and tissue grafting can be used to replace the scar tissue and restore a more attractive appearance.

If you have deep-pitted scarring from acne, chicken pox, burns or other wounds, contact us at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery today to schedule your scar removal consultation with Dr. Chaudhry. We offer effective options in atrophic scar removal at our clinic in Beverly Hills.

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