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Enjoy the aesthetic benefits of a well-sculpted rear with buttock plastic surgery. If you are unimpressed with the fullness of your buttocks or you want to elevate your butt to a more youthful position, come see us at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery. We offer surgical and non-surgical options for reshaping your backside for sexy, beautiful curves at our Beverly Hills plastic surgery facility.

The Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, is one of the most popular options in body contouring procedures. The BBL procedure adds volume to your buttock region to give it a rounder, more lifted appearance. There are various options available in BBL surgery and treatments at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery. We have the traditional BBL surgery that uses fat from other areas of the body to enhance the buttocks by fat transfer injections. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Chaudhry, also offers “Awake” Brazilian butt lift surgery, which only uses local anesthesia versus general anesthesia. If you want a beautifully contoured butt, you can trust our aesthetic team to give you the curves you desire.

Reshape Your Rear

Genetics, aging and other factors impact the shape of your buttocks. Not everyone is blessed with a full, round buttock area; even those who are endowed with a well-shaped rear may experience a change as they get older. Buttock plastic surgery can create the curves you want and may even reshape other areas in the process. Dr. Chaudhry is one of the top BBL specialists in Los Angeles, offering a variety of procedures to enhance your butt appearance. Our procedures include:

Whether you want to reshape your body with an “Awake” Brazilian butt lift or just add shape to your butt with implants, Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery can help. We have helped many of our patients achieve their aesthetic goals and sexy curves at our facility in Beverly Hills. Contact our team to schedule a cosmetic buttock consultation with Dr. Chaudhry at our clinic, and learn more about how you can obtain a beautiful rear with plastic surgery.

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