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The lips are one of the most sensuous facial features, responsible for seductive smiles and soft kisses. Well-formed, full lips are a desirable asset, but not everyone is happy with their lips. Whether genetics gave you thinner lips from birth or your lips changed with age, lip cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures can give you the lips you desire. Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery offers a variety of cosmetic lip procedures at our clinic in Los Angeles.

Lip symmetry and shape are important to the facial balance and aesthetics. There are many factors that can impact the beauty of the lips. Genetics play a major role in the basic shape and volume. Some individuals have very thin or thick lips naturally, which can appear out of balance with the other facial features. Aging is another factor – it is common for lips to lose volume with age, as well as have lip lines or sagging. Cosmetic lip procedures can reduce lip size or augment the volume, and rejuvenation surgery can restore a more youthful mouth.

Create Your Perfect Lips

Dr. Obaid Chaudhry is a fellowship trained and experienced plastic surgeon who can help you obtain your perfect lips. Whether you want to change the size or shape, or you want to restore a more youthful lip appearance, Dr. OC has the surgical skills and artistic eye to achieve the results you desire. Our lip cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures include:

Lip cosmetic procedures can be surgical or non-surgical – many individuals choose temporary lip injections from our medical spa to obtain their desired lip appearance. For longer lasting results, plastic surgery can provide a permanent change in the size or shape of your lips.

Beautiful lips are alluring and sexy. If you want to alter your lip volume or shape, come see our aesthetic experts at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery. Contact our Beverly Hills clinic today to schedule a cosmetic lip consultation with Dr. Chaudhry. You will be one step closer to gorgeous lips!

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