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Face Slimming (Masseter Reduction) Beverly Hills, CA

A round or heavy face can hide the beautiful bone structure of the jaw and cheekbones. Whether you have chubby cheeks or thick masseter muscles, you may have a wider face than you desire. Plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments can slim and contour your face for a more attractive appearance. Dr. Chaudhry at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery offers face slimming surgery and treatments to contour your face at our Los Angeles facility.

There are a few different methods for cosmetic face slimming, depending on the facial tissue creating a heavier or wide face. Liposculpture can be used to remove excess facial fat, or cheek reduction surgery can be used to remove buccal fat pads. If the face is wider due to larger masseter or jaw muscles, face slimming surgery with masseter reduction may be required.

The masseter muscles are the large jaw muscles that connect the lower jaw to the skull. When these muscles are thick, they expand the width of the jaw. This can create a square or masculine jaw, which may not be desirable for some individuals. Masseter reduction surgery sculpts the masseter muscles through an incision inside the cheek to slim the face and jawline.

Botox Masseter Reduction

Not everyone needs face slimming surgery to reduce the size of the masseter muscles. A non-surgical option is Botox® injections. Botox is a neuromodulator that relaxes targeted muscles for 3-4 months. When used to relax the masseter muscles in the jaw, Botox can result in the muscles shrinking. Over a few months, the face may become slimmer and more feminine as the jaw muscles become smaller and thinner. Most patients only need one treatment to achieve the desired results, but injections can be repeated to obtain the desired effects.

If you have a round or square lower face, masseter reduction can give you a more heart-shaped or feminine facial shape. To learn more about our surgical and non-surgical face slimming procedures at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery, contact our office in Los Angeles. Our team can schedule a master reduction consultation with Dr. Chaudhry to discuss which procedure would be best for your needs.

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