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Hypertrophic Scars Beverly Hills, CA

Most superficial wounds to the skin will heal and leave a scar behind, usually discolored skin that is lighter or darker than the normal skin color. However, deep wounds can leave behind more pronounced scar tissue. Hypertrophic scars are raised above the surface of the skin, creating a disfigured appearance. At Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery, we offer hypertrophic scar removal at our facility in Los Angeles, CA.

When skin or tissue is lacerated, burned or otherwise damaged, collagen and other growth factors are sent to repair the wound. This scar tissue replaces the damaged skin and tissue, but it is not the small color or texture as normal tissue. In the case of hypertrophic scars, too much collagen is produced. While normal scars may be raised during the healing process, they shrink and become flush with the surrounding skin. Hypertrophic scars stay raised and are usually darker in color than the surrounding skin.

Raised Scar Revision Surgery

While some hypertrophic scars may be removed with laser treatment or dermabrasion methods, larger scars require surgical revision surgery. Dr. Obaid Chaudhry is a fellowship-trained plastic surgeon with years of experience obtaining beautiful results for his patients. Hypertrophic scar removal is a complex procedure, often requiring precise removal of the scar tissue and possible skin grafting to restore a normal appearance to the affected area. There is always a possibility of another hypertrophic scar forming from a scar revision incision. Dr. Chaudhry uses the latest scar prevention techniques to lower risks of raised scar formations.

Hypertrophic scars can be disfiguring and impact skin or muscle movement. While many patients want to reduce their raised scar due to cosmetic concerns, the excess scar tissue can also impact comfort and normal function. Removal can improve appearance and mobility in the area, offering relief for patients with raised scars.

If you have a hypertrophic scar that is unattractive or uncomfortable, there are treatment options available. To learn more about hypertrophic scar removal procedures, contact our team at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills office to schedule a scar removal consultation with Dr. Chaudhry to discuss your options.

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