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Awake Liposuction Beverly Hills, CA

Liposuction is a body sculpting procedure that eliminates stubborn rolls and bulges to create sleek and sculpted curves. Traditionally this procedure is performed under general anesthesia. After learning that awake procedures could reduce patient anesthetic risk in some types of surgery, Dr. Chaudhry received specialized training in this type of surgery during his advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery fellowship and now offers Awake Liposuction in Beverly Hills, CA. This procedure is very similar to traditional liposuction, but instead of general anesthesia, patients remain awake throughout their operation.

What You Need to Know About Awake Surgery

Staying awake for surgery isn’t a new idea. Many simple surgical procedures are regularly performed using only local anesthesia, including wisdom tooth extractions and other dental surgeries, mole and cyst removals, vasectomies, and even cesarean section births. Many patients are more comfortable with an awake procedure and want to be alert during their medical procedures.

During an awake procedure, general anesthesia isn’t used, and patients are able to communicate. Typically, we use a local anesthetic to numb the treatment areas. The anesthetic ensures that you won’t feel pain or discomfort. In some of our awake procedures, we’ll ask questions and monitor your reactions. Sedation medication may be used in some awake procedures.

When performed by a well-trained plastic surgeon, awake cosmetic procedures are very safe. However, awake surgery does create some unique challenges for the surgeon, so be sure to choose a comfortable surgeon with awake surgeries and has received proper training from industry experts.

What to Expect from Liposuction in Beverly Hills, CA

We perform both awake and traditional liposuction at a surgical center conveniently located in Beverly Hills. On the day of treatment, you’ll arrive and check-in. We value your time, so we strive to minimize wait times as much as possible. Before surgery, you’ll meet with Dr. OC to answer any last-minute questions. He will also create any needed surgical markings. After a brief wait, you’ll head into surgery.

At our practice, our goal is to ensure that patients are always comfortable. Our staff is friendly and welcoming, even in the operating room. We’re happy to be here and we love helping our patients. For an awake procedure, you won’t need anesthesia, so you’ll be aware of what’s happening the entire time. Patients can even be on their phones checking their Instagram or listening to music as Dr. OC does the whole surgery!

What Are the Benefits of Awake Liposuction?

Much of the time, awake surgery is safer than a similar procedure with general anesthesia, however, there are limits to what we can achieve in an awake procedure. We typically only recommend local anesthesia liposuction when patients require minimal to moderate fat removal, but more fat can be removed with staged procedures, which can be performed within days of the first surgery. Traditional surgery, using general anesthesia, is often safer when substantial quantities of fat removal are necessary for one setting. Awake liposuction offers patients many benefits.

  • No general anesthesia risks
  • Can safely return home sooner after surgery
  • Can communicate with your surgeon during surgery
  • Promotes a quicker, more comfortable recovery
  • No postoperative nausea from general anesthesia
  • No pain during surgery

It’s essential to understand and educate yourself on your specific body procedure. It’s natural to be anxious, whether it’s excitement or preoperative stress. Our staff will thoroughly review the risks, safety protocols, preparation & procedure steps and answer your question until you’re entirely comfortable.

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