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Breast Asymmetry Beverly Hills, CA

While symmetry is pleasing to the eye, the body is rarely completely symmetrical. The left and right features are often slightly different, but not enough to notice. This is true of the breasts – it is common for one to be a little smaller or larger than the other. However, when there is a major difference, it can be very noticeable. Dr. Chaudhry at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles offers breast asymmetry correction surgery to balance the appearance of the breasts.

When you buy bras or clothing, they are designed to fit matching breast sizes. Patients with asymmetrical breasts that are different sizes often have difficulty finding clothes that fit their breasts. Even in clothes, the breasts may appear lopsided. Other patients may have breasts that match in size but are different in shape. To remedy the problem and create symmetrical breasts, breast reshaping or augmentation can be performed.

Plastic Surgery for Balanced Breasts

Correcting asymmetrical breasts can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Dr. Chaudhry will perform an examination and listen to your aesthetic goals for your breasts. For some patients, a breast lift or areola resizing is needed to create matching breast shape. Others may need to have breast augmentation with implants or fat transfer on one breast to balance the size of the breasts. Many patients decide to have both breasts increased in size to create full, balanced breasts. Every procedure is personalized to the patient and their specific aesthetic goals.

Asymmetrical breast correction surgery can give patients self-confidence in their appearance. Whether they want to look better in a tight shirt, naked or in a bikini on the beach, balancing the shape and size of their breasts can be a life-changing experience.

If you are unhappy due to uneven breasts that are different in size or shape, plastic surgery could be the solution. To learn more about breast asymmetry correction, contact our team at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA. We will schedule your personal consultation with Dr. O.C. to determine the best options to create the breast appearance you desire.

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