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African American/Asian Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills, CA

Genetics and ethnicity play important roles in the shape of the nose. Individuals who are Asian or African in descent have specific nose types that display their heritage. When considering rhinoplasty for nose reshaping, it is vital to retain facial balance and ethnicity. At Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery, we offer African and Asian rhinoplasty procedures to reshape the nose to match your ethnic features at our clinic in Los Angeles, CA.

Asian noses tend to be smaller and flatter than many other ethnic groups. While many Caucasians may want a smaller nose, that is rarely the case with Asian plastic surgery patients. Dr. Chaudhry is a highly skilled plastic surgeon who trained under some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. He understands the intricacies of reshaping the Asian nose to obtain the desired height and profile.

While every Asian rhinoplasty procedure is unique to the patient, most patients want better definition to their nasal bridge. Using precise reshaping and restructuring techniques, Dr. Chaudhry can add height and contours to the nose for a more distinguished appearance. Asian rhinoplasty usually requires cartilage grafting to elevate the nasal bridge.

African Rhinoplasty

Traits of the African nose often include a wider alar base and nostrils. While it is important to retain the basic shape, many African rhinoplasty patients desire a slimmer nasal base and nostrils, refining the nose appearance. Alar base reductions can be achieved by removing a small wedge of cartilage, which slightly narrows the nostrils and nasal base for a more balanced appearance.

Not all African nose jobs will include slimming the alar base. The African nose comes in many shapes and sizes, requiring customized reshaping to obtain the desired result. Whether you want more projection for your nose or a slightly smaller size, Dr. Chaudhry will work with you to find the ideal nose shape while preserving the ethnicity and cultural beauty of your nose.

Your nose shape should reflect your heritage and personality. If you are of Asian or African descent and want to explore rhinoplasty, come see us at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills. Contact our clinic today to schedule your African or Asian rhinoplasty consultation.

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