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Functional Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills, CA

Do you have difficulty breathing through your nose or other nasal issues? Rhinoplasty is generally performed solely for aesthetic purposes, but it can also be used to fix functional problems. Dr. Obaid Chaudhry is a highly skilled plastic surgeon that offers both cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty. If you want a nose that looks and functions better, Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills can perform your rhinoplasty procedure.

The same features that can disfigure your nose may also impact your nasal function. A crooked nose may be due to a deviated septum that is also causing snoring or nasal blockages. A pinched-appearing nose may be causing sinus issues as well as cosmetic concerns. With functional rhinoplasty, you can address both cosmetic and structural issues within the nose. The result is a nose that looks more balanced and beautiful, while performing as it should for your health and wellness.

Functional Airway Obstruction

When Dr. Chaudhry meets with his rhinoplasty patients for a consultation, he wants to know what they hope to achieve from their procedure. For many patients seeking functional rhinoplasty, the desire is to overcome airway obstructions. A nasal valve collapse or deviated septum can block the airway and cause a myriad of medical issues. Patients may complain of sinus problems, snoring, dry mouth and other issues. Fixing these health issues are the top priority, but Dr. Chaudhry also wants to create the ideal nose to exceed the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Dr. Chaudhry is well-respected in the plastic surgery field for his rhinoplasty expertise. He is one of the few plastic surgeons that has been handpicked to be an instructor at the prestigious Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium. If you are considering functional rhinoplasty in the Los Angeles area, you will not find a more skilled plastic surgeon to complete your procedure.

The form and function of your nose are important. Improve both with functional rhinoplasty. To learn more about functional airway obstruction correction and nose shaping surgery, contact us at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills to schedule a functional nose job consultation with Dr. Chaudhry.

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