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The neck is often forgotten in facial aesthetics until it begins to show signs of aging. The neck skin may begin to wrinkle and sag with extra fatty tissue accumulating under the chin. The infamous turkey neck or “waddle” is a definite sign of aging. At Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery, we offer neck lift surgery to rejuvenate the appearance of the neck at our facility in Los Angeles, CA.

A neck lift surgery, or lower rhytidectomy, is an extension of the facelift. While a facelift can impact the skin on the upper neck and around the chin/jawline, it does not tighten the entire neck tissue. Many individuals will have both a neck and facelift performed together to remove excess skin and tighten the neck, jaw and lower face for a more youthful appearance.

Is a Lower Rhytidectomy Right for You?

The neck changes drastically with age. The svelte, tight neck of youth is replaced with drooping skin and fat under the chin, horizontal lines, pronounced neck cords and a heavier appearance. A neck lift can alleviate these issues by removing excess skin and tightening the tissue for a slimmer, more youthful appearance. Some patients may require neck liposuction to remove fatty tissue under the chin and around the neck. Patients with pronounced vertical neck cord banding can have their muscles tightened to smooth the neck for a more youthful look.

If you have loose neck skin and tissues that look older than you feel, a lower rhytidectomy may be right for you. Many of our patients at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery who come to us for a neck lift procedure have already had a facelift, but now have a neck that looks older than their face. Dr. Chaudhry is an excellent plastic surgeon who has obtained phenomenal results for his patients who come to him for a neck rejuvenation surgery.

A neck lift surgery can provide fantastic results that look natural and enhance your overall appearance. To learn more about neck lift surgery and all our facial rejuvenation procedures, contact us at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule a neck lift consultation with Dr. Chaudhry.

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