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Injuries and disease can deform the face and body, impacting both function and aesthetics. Plastic surgery is essential for reconstructing skin and tissue that has been damaged. Dr. Obaid Chaudhry at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery is a skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon who offers facial and body reconstructive surgery at our Los Angeles clinic.

Whether it’s a vehicle accident that breaks your nose or skin cancer treatment that leaves a gaping hole in your skin, reconstructive surgery can offer hope. Unlike orthopedic or other injury surgeries, facial and body reconstructive surgery focuses on both aesthetics and function. The goal is to repair the tissue and skin damage while restoring the normal shape and appearance of the damaged area. This requires the expertise of an experienced plastic surgeon.

Dr. Obaid Chaudhry is a highly respected plastic surgeon. Dr. “OC” underwent six years of fellowship training under world renowned plastic surgeons, learning his skills from some of the best in the field. His excellent surgical skills and artistic eye are valuable assets when it comes to performing intricate facial and body reconstructive surgery.

Restoring Form and Function

Dr. Chaudhry and our team at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery offer advanced procedures for our patients with facial trauma and other tissue damage. Dr. Chaudhry has the skills to restore the natural shape of facial features that have been injured or disfigured through treatments. Our reconstructive procedures include:

Reconstructive plastic surgery often requires complex procedures to restore the function and aesthetics of the damaged feature. Skin, fat and cartilage grafts may be needed to repair injuries or tissue damage. Dr. Chaudhry uses his extensive surgical skills to reshape facial features or repair damaged skin, obtaining improved appearance and minimal scarring.

If you have a facial feature deformed from an accident or trauma, or you are recovering from skin cancer surgery, Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery offers face and body reconstructive surgery. Contact our state-of-the-art plastic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chaudhry to discuss your aesthetic and reconstructive goals.

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