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Birthmark Removal Beverly Hills, CA

There are many different types of birthmarks that can be anywhere on the skin when a person is born. Many birthmarks fade away on their own in the first year or two of a child’s life, but others can become larger and more prominent with age. Some birthmarks can be very distracting, especially if they are on the face, neck or other exposed areas. As part of our med spa non-surgical treatments at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery, we offer birthmark removal at our Beverly Hills clinic.

Not all birthmarks are the same. Some are simply discolorations on the skin, while others can be more complex and pose health risks. Port wine stains are among the most common birthmarks that can cause aesthetic concerns. These birthmarks are dark pink to red or purple in appearance and can be any size, often occurring on the face, neck or torso. Other birthmarks include café au lait spots, which are tan or brown in appearance and many different types of hemangiomas, such as strawberry marks.

Treatments for Birthmarks

There is not a one-size-fits-all treatment for birthmarks. The removal method depends on the type of birthmark and whether it is superficial or more vascular in nature. Port wine stains can be effectively treated with laser therapy sessions. The laser energy can target the blood vessels that create the darker skin appearance, removing the discoloration. Café au lait spots can also be removed with laser treatments. Some vascular birthmarks and hemangiomas may require surgical or steroid treatments to shrink or remove these growths.

Dr. Obaid Chaudhry is a highly skilled plastic surgeon who can perform birthmark removal. Dr. OC can evaluate your birthmark and recommend the best treatment option for removal. Many birthmarks can be effectively removed with laser skin treatments that do not require surgery or downtime.

If you have a birthmark that you want removed, there are safe and effective treatments available. To learn more about non-surgical birthmark removal, contact our team at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, CA, to schedule a birthmark removal consultation with Dr. OC to discuss your treatment options.

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