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Constricted or Tubular Breast Deformity Beverly Hills, CA

Breast size and shape vary greatly, but there are abnormalities that can impact the development of breasts. Constricted or tubular breast deformity is a defect in breast development which can result in narrow, longer breasts that are often asymmetrical. Dr. Chaudhry and our aesthetic team at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills offer tubular breast deformity surgery to reshape and balance the appearance of tuberous breasts.

Tubular breast deformity occurs when the early breast development is constricted. The base of the breast is narrow, and the crease is higher, resulting in growth in a tubular shape. This is not a genetic condition – it is not passed down through generations. It is a developmental issue that can occur spontaneously during the breast development period.

Tuberous breasts tend to be smaller and conical shaped. The areolas often are puffy in appearance and larger. Many women with tuberous breasts will have uneven breasts in shape and size. Due to their shape and balance, it can be difficult to find bras or swimsuits that fit correctly, and many women are embarrassed about the appearance of their tubular breasts.

Tuberous Breast Correction

The size and shape of tubular breasts can impact a woman’s self-confidence in her appearance. To create symmetrical breasts that are rounder in shape with balanced areolas, plastic surgery is required. Dr. Chaudhry is one of the top cosmetic breast surgeons in the greater Los Angeles area. He customizes each procedure to achieve the desired aesthetic goals of his patient.

Tubular breast deformity surgery may include a variety of procedures to reshape the breasts. The constriction of the breast tissue can be removed and a breast lift with implants can be performed. The areolas can be resized and reshaped to match the new breast shape. The end result is balanced, rounder breasts, often larger with the use of implants, which enhance the patient’s figure.

If you have tuberous breasts and want to explore a cosmetic correction surgery, contact us at Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills. We can schedule a breast consultation with Dr. Chaudhry to discuss the procedures available to provide tuberous breast correction.

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