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The Most Common Aesthetic Goals in Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills, CA

Many individuals contemplating rhinoplasty (nose surgery) have functional issues that must be addressed. In these circumstances, rhinoplasty surgery aims to enhance both nasal functions and aesthetics. In addition, those who have suffered injuries, need to improve their breathing, have health complications, want to correct congenital disabilities or wish to change their nose to achieve facial balance often find rhinoplasty to be a life-changing experience.

Common Aesthetic Goals of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery can help patients achieve various aesthetic goals. This nose reshaping procedure can assist patients in balancing their nose with the rest of their facial structures by:

  • Making their nostrils slimmer
  • Defining or raising the tip of their nose
  • Modifying the angle between their lips and nose
  • Changing the bone or cartilage of their nose
  • Straightening their nasal bridge

Functional Rhinoplasty vs. Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

Functional rhinoplasty, also known as septoplasty, can improve breathing problems brought on by structural flaws in the nose, whereas aesthetic rhinoplasty improves facial harmony and nose proportions. In addition, reshaping and nose repair can be performed simultaneously during functional rhinoplasty.

Aside from aesthetic concerns, the features of your nose could affect your nasal function. For example, a pinched-appearing nose may be causing sinus problems. At the same time, a crooked nose may result from a nasal valve collapse or deviated septum that is also causing nasal obstructions or snoring.

Who are Ideal Candidates for Rhinoplasty?

Those unhappy with their nose’s appearance or how it balances with the rest of their face may be suitable candidates for rhinoplasty.

Other candidates for rhinoplasty surgery may include:

  • Individuals with medical conditions such as a deviated septum, chronic sinusitis or nasal obstruction.
  • People who have had a nasal injury that resulted in a visible change in the shape of their nose.
  • People born with a congenital disability that impaired nose development, such as Apert syndrome, cleft lip, craniosynostosis, hemangiomas, frontonasal dysplasia, Treacher Collins syndrome, Tessier clefts and vascular malformations.
  • Children who experienced minor nasal injuries in their early years and subsequently developed abnormal growth due to those injuries.

However, children who desire rhinoplasty must have completed their growth. For girls, this usually occurs in their mid-teens, while for boys, it usually occurs in their late teens.

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