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Restoring Youthful Cheeks with Facial Fat Grafting Beverly Hills, CA
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Are your cheeks flat, hallowed or asymmetrical? The beauty of the face is strongly influenced by the balance and definition of the cheekbones. Whether you were born with underdeveloped cheekbones or your cheeks have hallowed with age, a skilled plastic surgeon can help. When performed by the right surgeon, a cheek augmentation with fat grafting can transform your gaunt or aged appearance into one that reflects vitality, sensuality and beauty.

What Can Fat Grafting Accomplish?

Facial fat grafting can be used to address flattened cheeks and rejuvenate the mid face. Unlike facial filler injections, fat grafting is a more natural and longer lasting solution to address lost volume in the face. By taking harvested fat and injecting it into various planes of the lateral and anterior cheek, you can instantly gain a more revitalized, younger and healthier appearance. The fat used in the injections is typically harvested with liposuction in the abdomen or thighs. The fat is then purified for the facial grafting or injection procedure. Fat grafting is an excellent solution to reverse the effects of aging that causes the fat pads of the cheeks to sag or migrate downward with gravity, which often leads to concerns around the eyes and mouth.

The benefits of fat grafting in the cheeks go even further. By restoring volume to the cheeks, the tear troughs and under eye region can also be rejuvenated without the need for further cosmetic procedures to address these regions of the face.

Have More Questions?

If you are interested in adding volume to your cheeks without implants or facial filler products, we invite you to consider facial fat grafting. Our clinicians are top ranked in their plastic surgery specialty and will carefully explain what you can expect in terms of the fat grafting procedure and recovery. When it comes to altering, improving or reconstructing your face, choose Beverly Hill’s most trusted and talented facial plastic surgeon at Be That Beautiful Plastic Surgery. We value the importance of thorough evaluations and tailored procedures so that your individual goals are met in the most rewarding way possible.

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