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How to Determine the Most Suitable Breast Implant Size and Shape Beverly Hills, CA

Breast augmentation is a standard cosmetic surgery involving implants to enhance the breasts’ size, shape and symmetry. Choosing the right breast implants for your lifestyle is the most crucial decision you will have to make before breast augmentation. Therefore, it would be best to make this choice after carefully considering what could affect the surgery’s outcome and how it will impact your daily life.

Understanding the Different Types of Breast Implants

Breast implants are made of silicone or saline and come in various shapes and sizes.

The two most common breast implant shapes are round and teardrop. Most people choose round implants because they make the tops of the breasts look fuller and can be used to create different looks. Teardrop implants, on the other hand, are made to look like a natural breast, with a fuller bottom and less fullness at the top.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Breast Implants

Several things should be taken into account when choosing the size and shape of your breast implants. These include:

  • Body Type and Proportions: Your body type and proportions will play a significant role in determining the size and shape of your breast implants. For example, a woman with a larger frame may need larger implants for a natural-looking result.
  • Lifestyle: Your lifestyle is another essential factor when choosing breast implants. If you have an active lifestyle or play sports, choosing smaller implants that will not hinder your activities would be best.
  • Desired Outcome: Your desired outcome is also an important consideration. If you are looking for a subtle enhancement, choose smaller implants. Conversely, larger implants may be necessary if you desire a more dramatic change.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

Working with an experienced and skilled surgeon who you feel comfortable with that can help you make the best decision for your needs is essential.

Dr. Chaudhry of Be That Beautiful™ Plastic Surgery is a reputable plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic procedures like breast implants. When you meet with him, he will take the time to understand your goals and help you choose the right size and shape implants for your body type and lifestyle.

You can ensure that you are happy with the results of your breast augmentation surgery for years to come by choosing Dr. Chaudhry as your surgeon. Contact his practice in Beverly Hills to schedule a consultation.

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